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Very Satisfied

  • My beautiful, healthy Newfypoo arrived just last Friday, May 12, 2023. She was very well taken care of by the driver, Allen. Nice van, very clean & organized. Pups all in their own crate with good space. Allen spent about 40 minutes with us so that our puppy could greet us in her own time. We took care of the paperwork, vet papers, etc., while puppy was getting comfortable with everything going on. My new puppy, Thistle, was quite obviously very well taken care of in her 1st home, Five Star Pups, my contact was Marcus. She is sweet, gentle, playful and curious, she also arrived clean and happy. I have only excellent thoughts about my experience finding, purchasing and transporting my new pup through Five Star Pups. I also had a very informative chat with Marcus before making my decision to buy Thistle. All in all, I am VERY HAPPY with everything. Thank you, Marcus and Allen, for my sweet Thistle. A+++