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Alexia the Perfect Havanese Pup

I purchased the most beautiful black and white female Havanese late last summer. I had just lost my own little girl and wanted to get another purebred Havanese about 9 weeks old to live with my two-year-old Havanese (Piero). And YES she is a purebred Havanese! On the site, I saw Alexia. There she was—my beautiful little girl. Her other littermates (males) were already sold.

My main contact was Marcus who was the perfect commutator and a person that earned my respect. He sent me a short video of Alexa playing and the deal was sealed. He went over the bill of sale and other paperwork. He ensured me that I would get the health records, etc. when she arrived. I asked if I could have the cloth she slept on with her mother for Alexia’s new home, some food, and one of her favorite toys. He made it all happen. He also made himself personally available by phone and text should I have any questions. He is a master at handling these arrangements and finding the pup’s perfect homes.

I am retired and live in AZ and all the arrangements were made to have a transporter deliver her to my doorstep! Marcus assured me the shipping method was nothing short of professional! I did not have to worry about anything. Along the journey, the transporter stayed in touch with me and sent l pictures every time they stopped somewhere. In a couple of days, I received a happy, healthy, and well socialized little girl.
My vet told me she was in exceptional shape and had perfect health. She is also not only an angel but really really SMART. Good breeding!

I have stayed in touch with Marcus – sending pictures of Alexia. I have highly recommended three individuals to this breeder. My experience was great.
Now Piero and I have the very best companion and friend I could have. I am so glad I found Marcus to make it all happen.

J. Allison
If you want to ask me any questions – please ask for my contact information.

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